New stunner system

Low Atmosphere Pressure Stunning

LAPS has being developed as an alternative to electrical and to gas stunning/killing systems for broilers and turkeys.


No sensible birds after LAPS

Corticosterone levels reveal less stress

Introduces chickens into a state of unconsciousness prior to loss of Posture due to Hypoxia. (A feeling similar to high altitude that is accompanied by euphoria.)

No gas trapped in bird body cavity

Birds are not subject to gas mixtures that are painful for the birds to inhale

Birds are not subject to gas mixtures that burn the eyes and nasal cavities of birds

No panic

No nervousness

No vomit

No damage during hanging process

LAPS operator has no control over parameters in system

Reduces human error in stunning process

ECG shows no increase in heart rate during conscious phase of LAPS

EEG shows sleepiness starts within 15 seconds of LAPS start

Meat Quality

Bleeding is equal to electrical stunning

No capillary veins broken in breast

pH is improved

No change in marination pick up

Less wish bone broken

Shear values could improve


Reduces bacteria load entering plant


One person operation via computer

Management is simple

No changing of parameters due to bird weight

No gas mixtures to change

Easily by-passable in event of breakdown

Works with existing dump system

Meets existing line speed

Improved working conditions for hanging line employees due to irreversibly stunned birds


It is easily adptable to any processing plant

Uses the existing live haul cages and equipment

No re-occurring gas cost

Weekly maintenance cost = six man hours per week

Energy Consumption = +/- 132KWH

Installable without shutting plant down


No worker exposure to harmful gas

No community exposure to harmful gas

No environmental impact if subject to natural calamity (earthquake, fire)

No danger to workers during maintenance

No release of gas into atmosphere