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Cattaruzzi S.R.L. is today leader in engineering, manufacturing and installation of poultry, rabbits and pigs processing equipment, thanks to the experience acquired since year 1956 .

Cattaruzzi Poultry processing solutions offers a complete range of equipment for live birds catching and transportation, slaughtering, eviscerating, chilling , cut up and deboning.

The company use the most advanced technology, today available, ensuring, if required, an on-line service to assist the clients to solve the problems or to order spare parts for our equipment.

CATTARUZZI S.r.l. was the first in year 1992 to develop and install the world longest (4.172 m.) single bird computerised air chilling and grading overhead conveyor and the first automatic chicken catcher approved to match the animal welfare requirement.

Our Company offers service by highly quality of technicians and a large range of SPARES, to face the Customers requirement in real time.

Cattaruzzi Company is partner of Techno-Catch, a US company that developed the Low Atmospheric Pressure System ( LAPS), the most humane stunning system for the poultry industry.