Custom project

The support that our company gives to the customer doesn’t concern only the machinery most suitable to achieve the client’s objectives, but it helps in the choice regarding the sizing of the plant in all phases, from the collection of live animals up to the processing rooms, all types of cooling and storage as well as the handling of products up to packaging.

It is therefore a question of dimensioning the capacity and the processing of the slaughterhouse, starting from information related to the complete supply chain, that is data and information about feed, hatcheries, farms, breeds and sizes of the birds, structure and characteristics of the plant, disposal of processing waste, and water treatment.

Our policy is to give the customer a wide range of information acquired during 60 years of experience, in order to look at his own future with serenity, being aware of the choice made.

The study of the project starts from the meeting with one of our sale technician who – with the provided or found data- prepares the first solution with drawings, with the aid of designers and design engineers of our staff; the layout will be then discussed with the customer examining the technical and economic possibilities.

When the project is approved it becomes executive and it’s analyzed by our design engineers in all parts to be produced.

progetti cattaruzzi


made in Italy

Our production is 100% made in Italy.


Custom installation

We offer to customer a complete service.
Our technicians make installation, testing during the first hours of production.


All production lines

In all areas of the plant we use the most modern technologies available. A dedicated team follows the project from the layout, to the production phase, up to assembly and testing.



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